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Get Your Domain Name Appraised

Before you try to sell or buy a domain name, get it appraised. Find out what an objective third-party expert believes it's worth. Having the right price will save you thousands of dollars and months of effort.

When you order an appraisal through 1Soft, your domain name is personally reviewed and appraised by our team of experts. We have appraised more than 10,000 domain names since 1996. We know from experience what will be the most likely sales price for a given domain name. We've sold scores of domain names in the most common range of $1500 to $50,000. Each month, we review thousands of actual sales by buyers and sellers to sharpen the precision of our appraisals.

Your domain appraisal is handled by experts. See factors.

You can order an appraisal for just $24.99. Quantity discounts are also available (see below).

Contact  us with the list of domain names you want appraised and click here to make payment.

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Quantity discounts for appraising multiple names:

10% discount for 2-4 names,
15% discount for 5-9 names,
20% discount for 10-24 names
25% discount for 25-49 names
30% discount for 50-99 names
35% discount for 100+ names