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Buying a domain name from GreatDomainNames.com  is easy:

1. Submit the Buy a Domain Name form.

2. A transaction will be opened at Escrow.com, the world's leading escrow service. Escrow.com is fully licensed and accredited by the State of California. Escrow.com adds a small fee for their escrow service and (optionally) the cost of credit card transaction. Currently, we pay the fee, so it costs you nothing. All major credit cards are accepted for transactions less than $5000. Payment by check or wire transfer are additional options. We use Escrow.com for your assurance. Your payment is held by Escrow.com and we don't get paid until you have accepted delivery of the domain you acquire.

3. You will receive a user ID and password from the registrar to access your domain name to edit DNS or other information.  

Once these steps are completed successfully, you will be the new owner and have total control of the domain you acquire.

Any questions? Just ask